Local Breaks & Surfboard rentals (equipment hire) in Santa Maria Azores

At MONK you'll find shortboards, mid-lengths, longboards, foamies, surf-school boards, and paddleboards/SUP's. You can find more information here:  https://monk.pt/pages/board-rentals

We don't like to fill up the beach, so we only rent in limited numbers. If/when you know you're heading this way, drop us a line, so we can sort you out, and give you an idea of the conditions. 

As far as the local breaks. The more common are:

Praia Formosa - beach and point break

São Lourenço - beach break

Anjos - reef and point break

The waves in Praia Formosa during summer can be hollow and incredibly fast. The takeoff is tricky and the peak seems to close-out, even though it stays open. Usually, not much of a wall exists, and it's more of a straight-shot down the line, with an occasional cover-up, that's not quite a tube. The various peaks are good for beginners, all the way to advance. There's a bit for everyone. 

In the north, in Anjos, we have a few spots, mostly rock/reef. Usually better for intermediate and advance surfers. The waves can get quite big. And while the take-off is tricky, bumpy, and quick, the rest of the ride can be smooth and chill, with a tall open face. This is mostly in Spring/Fall and occasionally in summer. In the winter this wave can get really big, and many times just doesn't hold. The ride can be fast, aggressive and bumpy. That said, for some, it's awesome - esp. bodyboarders and surfers who like power and size.

São Lourenço is a strange beach break. It has all the makings of great set-ups, but rarely works and normally, the waves just close-out and dump. A lot of beginner surfers go there, thinking of the sandy bottom. But the wave can be tricky and not very much fun. That said, when it works, it peels beautifully! 

Like we always tell people, it really depends on what you're looking for. If you have a short vacation/trip planned, and looking only to surf, there are much better destinations than Santa Maria. But if you prefer a chiller spot, nice locals, and don't mind the occasional lull in waves for a few days, Santa Maria is the place. 

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