Surf Santa Maria

Local Breaks & Surfboard rentals (equipment hire) in Santa Maria Azores

At MONK you'll find shortboards, mid-lengths, longboards, foamies, surf-school boards, and paddleboards/SUP's. You can find more information here:

We don't like to fill up the beach, so we only rent in limited numbers. If/when you know you're heading this way, drop us a line, so we can sort you out, and give you an idea of the conditions. 

As far as the local breaks. The more common are:

Praia Formosa - beach and point break

São Lourenço - beach break

Anjos - reef and point break

The waves in Praia Formosa during...

Surfing in Santa Maria

Surfing in Santa Maria is never an easy thing to explain. Is it good? It can be. Is it consistent? No, not really. Is it better for short boards or longboarding? Well, both really.

So while the waves here are similar to those found on better known Sao Miguel, the breaks here have their own identity and special charm. In general, what the waves lack in consistency, they make up for in terms of crowd. And for the lucky few who return here year after year, who consistently seem to time the swells, they are...