Coffee Bar

Our Coffee bar is in the back of our surf shop, and features organic Coffee, various local milks, with several vegan. This is a slow, chill space, creating artisanal coffee in a serene environment. 

Cold-pressed juices are made daily, vegan popsicles/ice-creams, vegan smoothies, and a plant based "snack kitchen". These are healthy options served mainly in summer, and occasionally at night for special events, including home-made hummus, salsas, tabbouleh, chick-peak African soups, and the like. Served as small plates for one or to share, we have local bread, baked daily and extra fresh! as well as Terrific cold-pressed olive oil, and local organic* veggies sourced from one of our small farmer partners.


We spent years in coffee shops in the various cities we lived and worked in, Brooklyn, Milano, London, Austin. Coffee was a ritual and part of our daily life.  In Montreal, I had the opportunity to work for a small 3rd Wave coffee shop, and learned the in's and out's of extracting a good Espresso. At . m o n k . we blend the two styles of coffee, Italian style coffee with 3rd wave, creating what we think is a perfect shot of Espresso. For those who like their coffee with milk, we use local milk from the Açores and plant-based milks as well, our approach to milk drinks is the same as with the above, the upmost care goes into choosing the milk and it's preparation, ensuring that your Cappuccino, Flat-white or Cortado is perfectly delicious. 


Enjoy our small curated selection of juices, smoothies, coffee, wine and beer. We have also organic sodas and artisanal beers and organic wines. All juice is made daily with what ever fresh ingredients came that day. 

We are a plastic-free destination, and use only glass bottles for all of our drinks; in most cases, we close the loop, as nearly all glass bottles are brought back to the original provider/company for re-use. 

Finally, we offer filtered water for those with a canteen or water jug. A great and simple way to improve the planet. 

*though not all fruits & veggies are certified organic, we source only local and pesticide free produce.