Board Rentals


our surfboard and SUP rentals can be rented daily, based on availability. 

we carry a range of O&E and NSP soft-top longboards suitable for beginners and intermediates, as well as epoxy & epoxy/soft long, medium and short boards for the intermediate surfer, and premium boards for advanced surfers.  

we recommend booking in advance, especially during the summer months. all rentals begin at 10h, and must be returned by 18h. for rentals outside these hours, prior arrangement must be made and will be possible based on other bookings.

(Sunday rentals are possible only as part of a minimum 2-day rental, starting on Saturday)

board pickup is at the  .m o n k.  surf shop
Rua Teófilio Braga 73, 9580-999 Vila do Porto
(if you require a drop-off, we can bring the board to your chosen beach, arrangements must be confirmed a day in advance)
bookings can be made directly at our shop or via:
whatsapp / signal: +351 964212105   or   email:
all rentals include board, leash, & wetsuit

soft-rack car-carrier available if needed


S U R F B O A R D   R E N T A L S

1 DAY €25

(€60/3 days  .  €95/5 days  .  €125/7 days  .  €170/10 days)  


S. U. P.   (P A D D L E)   R E N T A L S

1 DAY €35

(€95/3 days  .  €145/5 days  .  €190/7 days  .  €250/10 days)  

wetsuit-only rentals are available - €10/day   
please request in advance (supply limited)