"RULE #5 - The best surfer is the one having the most fun"   -Gerry Lopez  

When we’re out surfing, we’re not just enjoying the waves, we’re conscious that we are lucky to be out on the water. So follow that same spirit, and mind your attitude in the lineup, and mind your impact when you are on the beaches. That goes from not leaving any trash on the beach, to taking care of your safety & that of others.

Sustainability comes from quality and care. On our end, we provide the quality - choosing only high quality boards & products, and working with brands that care about the environment - these surf goods are made to last and made for optimal performance. On your end, you provide the care, because without care for the boards they will not last and then sustainability is out the window.

Some care tips:
Like our skin, boards left in prolonged sun exposure will damage. The epoxy can weaken, turning yellow and the soft-top can crack, allowing water into the foam inside. Keep your board in a shady place, flipped over with fins in the air. Don’t leave it face-up roasting in the sun. We have provided each board with a board bag, which you should use whenever the board is not in use.
In general treat these boards as if they were your own.

Safety and fun:

Watch out for other surfers in the lineup, surf respectfully and with good vibes. Take care of yourself and stay stoked. 
Don’t be shy to ask us or the locals about daily surf conditions, wind, and hazards - such as jellies, rocks, or rip currents. As well, feel free to share your experience and what you hope to get out of the session. We can guide you with the right board, and to the right spots.
When you are in the water, respect the ocean and be mindful of others - don’t surf where people are swimming, and not in crowded spots where surfing is prohibited (ask us or the lifeguards if you’re unsure). 

The ocean is a gift, have fun out there  - MONK